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// lookup.h                   emacs, this is written in -*-c++-*-
// This program is free software. See the file COPYING for details.
// Author: Mattias Engdegård, 1997-1999

#ifndef LOOKUP_H
#define LOOKUP_H

#include <qintdict.h>
#include <qstring.h>
#include <qsocketnotifier.h>
#include "svec.h"

// queue (fifo) of unsigned ints (inet addresses)
class UintQueue

    bool isEmpty() { return first == last; };
    void enqueue(unsigned x);
    unsigned dequeue();

    Svec<unsigned> queue;
    int first;                // index of first item in queue
    int last;                 // index where next item will be put (< first)

// list node for LRU cache of hostnames:
// This list is doubly-linked circular (to reduce the amount of special cases),
// with a head node that carries no data. In addition, each node is
// entered into a hash table for rapid lookup
class Hostnode {
    Hostnode(unsigned addr);

    // these must be called on the head of the list
    void moveToFront(Hostnode *node);
    void deleteLast();
    void insertFirst(Hostnode *node);
    Hostnode *last() { return prev; };

    QString name;
    unsigned ipaddr;          // hash key
    Hostnode *next, *prev;

class Lookup : public QObject {
    QString hostname(unsigned addr);

    static void initproctitle(char **argv, char **envp);

    void resolved(unsigned addr);

protected slots:
    void receive_result(int);
    void send_request(int);

    void request(unsigned addr);
    void do_child(int fd);

    static void setproctitle(const char *txt);

    static char *argv0;
    static int maxtitlelen;

    QIntDict<Hostnode> hostdict;
    Hostnode hostlru;         // head of circular list
    UintQueue addrqueue;      // queue of addresses to lookup
    int outstanding;          // number of outstanding requests
    int sockfd;               // -1 if no helper process is running

    QSocketNotifier *readsn, *writesn;

    static const unsigned hostname_cache_size = 400; // max names to cache

#endif      // LOOKUP_H

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