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void QtTableView::setAutoUpdate ( bool  enable  )  [protected, virtual]

Sets the auto-update option of the table view to enable.

If enable is TRUE (this is the default), the view updates itself automatically whenever it has changed in some way (for example, when a flag is changed).

If enable is FALSE, the view does NOT repaint itself or update its internal state variables when it is changed. This can be useful to avoid flicker during large changes and is singularly useless otherwise. Disable auto-update, do the changes, re-enable auto-update and call repaint().

Do not leave the view in this state for a long time (i.e., between events). If, for example, the user interacts with the view when auto-update is off, strange things can happen.
Setting auto-update to TRUE does not repaint the view; you must call repaint() to do this.

See also:
autoUpdate(), repaint()

Definition at line 934 of file qttableview.C.

References updateScrollBars().

Referenced by clearTableFlags(), setTableFlags(), and updateTableSize().

    if ( isUpdatesEnabled() == enable )
    setUpdatesEnabled( enable );
    if ( enable ) {

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