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** $Id: qttableview.h,v 1.11 2006/08/29 21:03:21 fasthyun Exp $
** Definition of QtTableView class
** Created : 941115
** Copyright (C) 1992-2000 Trolltech AS.  All rights reserved.
** This file contains a class moved out of the Qt GUI Toolkit API. It
** may be used, distributed and modified without limitation.


#include <qintdict.h>
#include <qframe.h>


class QScrollBar;
class QCornerSquare;

class QtTableView : public QFrame
      bool  flag_update; 
      bool  flag_scrolling;   //DEL
    virtual void setBackgroundColor( const QColor & );
    virtual void setPalette( const QPalette & );
    virtual bool isCellContentsChanged(int row,int col){return true;}
    virtual void eraseRight(QPainter *p,QRect &rect ){};
    void    show();

    void    repaint( bool erase=TRUE );
    void    repaint( int x, int y, int w, int h, bool erase=TRUE );
    void    repaint( const QRect &, bool erase=TRUE );
    int           cellWidth() const;
    int           cellHeight()      const;

    virtual QString text(int row,int col)=0;

    QtTableView( QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, WFlags f=0 );

    int           numRows()   const;
    int           numCols()   const;
    virtual void setNumRows( int );
    virtual void setNumCols( int );

    int           topCell()   const;
    int           leftCell()  const;
    virtual void setTopCell( int row );
    virtual void setLeftCell( int col );
    virtual void setTopLeftCell( int row, int col );

    int           xOffset()   const;
    int           yOffset()   const;
    int           yOffsetRel() const;
    virtual void setXOffset( int );
    virtual void setYOffset( int );
    virtual void setOffset( int x, int y, bool updateScrBars = TRUE );

    virtual int cellWidth( int col );
    virtual int cellHeight( int row );
    virtual void setCellWidth( int );
    virtual void setCellHeight( int );

    virtual int totalWidth();
    virtual int totalHeight();

    uint    tableFlags()      const;
//    bool  testTableFlags( uint f ) const;
    virtual void setTableFlags( uint f );
    void    clearTableFlags( uint f = ~0 );

    bool    autoUpdate()       const;
    virtual void setAutoUpdate( bool );

    void    updateCell( int row, int column, bool erase=TRUE );

    QRect   cellUpdateRect() const;
    QRect   viewRect()   const;
    void    updateView();

    int           lastRowVisible() const;
    int           lastColVisible() const;

    bool    rowIsVisible( int row ) const;
    bool    colIsVisible( int col ) const;

    QScrollBar *verticalScrollBar() const;
    QScrollBar *horizontalScrollBar() const;

private slots:
    void    horSbValue( int );
    void    horSbSliding( int );
    void    horSbSlidingDone();
    void    verSbValue( int );
    void    verSbSliding( int );
    void    verSbSlidingDone();

    virtual void paintCell( QPainter *, int row, int col ,bool update) = 0;
    virtual void setupPainter( QPainter * );

    void    paintEvent( QPaintEvent * );
    void    resizeEvent( QResizeEvent * );

    int           findRow( int yPos ) const;
    int           findCol( int xPos ) const;

    bool    rowYPos( int row, int *yPos ) const;
    bool    colXPos( int col, int *xPos ) const;

    int           maxXOffset();
    int           maxYOffset();
    int           maxColOffset();
    int           maxRowOffset();

    int           minViewX()  const;
    int           minViewY()  const;
    int           maxViewX()  const;
    int           maxViewY()  const;
    int           viewWidth() const;
    int           viewHeight()      const;

    void    scroll( int xPixels, int yPixels );
    void    updateScrollBars();
    void    updateTableSize();
    int     cellheight;

    void    coverCornerSquare( bool );
    void    snapToGrid( bool horizontal, bool vertical );
    virtual void  setHorScrollBar( bool on, bool update = TRUE );
    virtual void  setVerScrollBar( bool on, bool update = TRUE );
    int           findRawRow( int yPos, int *cellMaxY, int *cellMinY = 0,
                      bool goOutsideView = FALSE ) const;
    int           findRawCol( int xPos, int *cellMaxX, int *cellMinX = 0,
                      bool goOutsideView = FALSE ) const;
    int           maxColsVisible() const;

    void    updateScrollBars( uint );
    void    updateFrameSize();

    void    doAutoScrollBars();
    void    showOrHideScrollBars();

    int           nRows;
    int           nCols;
    int           xOffs, yOffs;
    int           yOffs_prev;
    int           xCellOffs, yCellOffs;
    short   xCellDelta, yCellDelta;
    short   cellH, cellW;

    uint    eraseInPaint            : 1;
    uint    verSliding        : 1;
    uint    verSnappingOff          : 1;
    uint    horSliding        : 1;
    uint    horSnappingOff          : 1;
    uint    coveringCornerSquare    : 1;
    uint    sbDirty                 : 8;
    uint    inSbUpdate        : 1;

    uint    tFlags;
    QRect   cellUpdateR;

    QScrollBar *vScrollBar;
    QScrollBar *hScrollBar;
    QCornerSquare *cornerSquare;
      QColor  backColor;
private:    // Disabled copy constructor and operator=
#if defined(Q_DISABLE_COPY)
    QtTableView( const QtTableView & );
    QtTableView &operator=( const QtTableView & );

const uint Tbl_vScrollBar     = 0x00000001;
const uint Tbl_hScrollBar     = 0x00000002;
const uint Tbl_autoVScrollBar = 0x00000004;
const uint Tbl_autoHScrollBar = 0x00000008;
const uint Tbl_autoScrollBars = 0x0000000C;

const uint Tbl_clipCellPainting = 0x00000100;
const uint Tbl_cutCellsV      = 0x00000200;
const uint Tbl_cutCellsH      = 0x00000400;
const uint Tbl_cutCells       = 0x00000600;

const uint Tbl_scrollLastHCell      = 0x00000800;
const uint Tbl_scrollLastVCell      = 0x00001000;
const uint Tbl_scrollLastCell = 0x00001800;

const uint Tbl_smoothHScrolling = 0x00002000;
const uint Tbl_smoothVScrolling = 0x00004000;
const uint Tbl_smoothScrolling      = 0x00006000;

const uint Tbl_snapToHGrid    = 0x00008000;
const uint Tbl_snapToVGrid    = 0x00010000;
const uint Tbl_snapToGrid     = 0x00018000;

inline int QtTableView::numRows() const
{ return nRows; }

inline int QtTableView::numCols() const
{ return nCols; }

inline int QtTableView::topCell() const
{ return yCellOffs; }

inline int QtTableView::leftCell() const
{ return xCellOffs; }

inline int QtTableView::xOffset() const
{ return xOffs; }

inline int QtTableView::yOffset() const
{ return yOffs; }

inline int QtTableView::yOffsetRel()  const
      int rel;
      return rel;

inline int QtTableView::cellHeight() const
{ return cellH; }

inline int QtTableView::cellWidth() const
{ return cellW; }

inline uint QtTableView::tableFlags() const
{ return tFlags; }

#define testTableFlags(f) ((tFlags&f)!=0)
//inline bool QtTableView::testTableFlags( uint f ) const{ return (tFlags & f) != 0; }

inline QRect QtTableView::cellUpdateRect() const
{ return cellUpdateR; }

inline bool QtTableView::autoUpdate() const
{ return isUpdatesEnabled(); }

inline void QtTableView::repaint( bool erase )
{ repaint( 0, 0, width(), height(), erase ); }

inline void QtTableView::repaint( const QRect &r, bool erase )
{ repaint( r.x(), r.y(), r.width(), r.height(), erase ); }

inline void QtTableView::updateScrollBars()
{ updateScrollBars( 0 ); }



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